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Farewell, John Wilson

No, not TV's Mr. Angling, but rather the rod that bears his name. I've owned and enjoyed the original Avon/Quiver for over 10 years now. It's a quality little rod - though the lack of a threaded reel seat means my Mitchell periodically falls off and tumbles down the bank - but it's finally had its day. After the glories of last episode's massive roach, it was back to the Adur for a last chuck before the end of the season with Ray and Tom. Warm, overcast, a decent flow...the river looked good and with bait boxes full of the finest maggots I've seen for years, we all had high hopes.

Once again, the Adur, old friend, old trickster, got the better of us. No-one caught. I had one bite all afternoon on trotted maggot. I'd quiver-tipped for a couple of hours with a small feeder without any joy but was enjoying the afternoon sunshine when I got tangled up in a large unfriendly bush. I managed to bully the hook out but as the end tackle flew behind me I neglected to cushion its flight. Result? An ugly snap, and the end of the quiver tip just shattered. I was remarkably sanguine about the whole thing which leads me to believe that deep down I didn't really care for the rod (if it had been the North Western I'd have been much more upset).

That's when I switched to the other tip and tackled up with a small float and centrepin. Much more fun, and it produced a cracking bite and tense, foreshortened fight before the fish - surely a chub - came off. Nice afternoon though, and now I have the excuse to buy my first new rod in years.
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