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Sorry about that.

So, I've been hoarding worms. Two tubs of dendrabenas and one of red worms, against the time when I could unleash them on the tench and perch that populate one of the smaller club waters. Last night, their moment came. It'd been a super sunny day so I waited until tea time and then headed off lakewards in the car, negotiating the new gate and hardcore track down to the field. This hasn't been cut yet either and it's a beautiful sight.

There was only one other car there and since most anglers head for the larger of the two lakes, I didn't think I'd have any competition for my favourite swim. As it turned out, I didn't see the other angler at all.

'Twas very hot in the corner and the water was darker than the colour of my tea, but I've never failed in this spot, ever. In fact, outside of winter the lake is pretty much a banker. So I didn't understand it when after an hour, I hadn't had a bite. I wondered if there was still too much sun on the water, I worried over my shotting 'pattern', I plumbed and re-plumbed, but still no dice.

So I moved to the opposite corner, tried a different float, got settled in out of the sun and felt instantly better. After 30 minutes or so, the float wandered off and I struck into something small (felt like a skimmer bream) which promptly came off. I fished for the rest of the evening in a mood of disbelief. These red worms are the business - stinky, full of that yellow biley stuff that ought to attract every fish for miles (they ought to be pole vaulting over the damn from the lake next door to get at the bait). So why was nothing going on? I had one more tired nudge about 9.30pm and that was that.

Funnily enough, the longer this went on, the more determined I became to persevere with the worms. I had a tin of luncheon meat in the creel and could have switched baits in a few moments, but I've always caught well on meat here and wanted to see if there was something else going on. So I fished into darkness, changing floats a couple more times, shifting the depth around, trying different spots. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

But that's OK. I actually felt better not having switched just to catch a fish. In fact, I'm going to continue the experiment on the river tonight. Those worms are going to catch me something. And when they do, I shall tell you all about it.
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