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Cider with Windrush

A short post this...with a glass of Stowford's cider on top of it. The river in the background is the Windrush, just a spit over the border into Gloucestershire. I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of nights at a pub that enjoys a short stretch of water that's full of brown trout, perch and - as it turned out - one or two other surprises.

This was shortly after arrival when, pint in hand, I walked to the bottom of the garden, negotiated the three dogs who were after my crisps to check out the river. Later that evening I would catch a wild brown trout on legered double red maggot. Hardly fair I know, and enough to make the newly minted fly fishing part of my angling personality wince. Still a brown trout is a brown trout.

But the main business was a trip to Blenheim Palace lake to fish for tench and perch and I invite you to join me there next time.
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